As the years go by, people tend to suffer from muscle aches, osteoporosis, lack of flexibility, muscle weakness and others that They can be corrected if physical activity is carried out that is focused on improving this type of ailment, such as Yoga.

Yoga is a discipline with multiple benefits for all ages, even those of the third age, a very forgotten stage of life. In fact, Yoga for seniors improves breathing, increases flexibility, improves balance, strengthens muscles, and protects bones.

That is why we show you seven Yoga postures to work mobility in older adults that you have in your family. It is important to add that the postures shown below are of an intermediate level, Ideally, adults should try to perform them standing up, but if they cannot, they can do them in a chair, to avoid falls or injuries.

Vrksasana or Tree Pose

The Tree Pose or Vrksasana is a Yoga posture most used in sessions and that it is very easy to perform. In it, one of the feet is supported on the ground, which is the one that symbolizes the roots of the tree, the other must be supported on the abductor, flexed.

You have to try to maintain your balance, if you cannot, you should do the exercise with another person to avoid falls, since they are very frequent in the elderly.

Tadasana or Mountain Pose

Mountain pose aims to stretch the entire spine and decongest the spinal nerves. It consists of raising your arms up, with your hands clasped and standing on tiptoe, to stretch your entire back. In this way it improves circulation and tones all the muscles of the body.

Uttanasana or standing clamp pose

This Yoga posture is a deep flexion, which in the case of seniors don’t need to do it perfectly, which provides numerous benefits such as relaxation and stress relief, improved digestion, relief of menstrual pain and activation of the nervous system.

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Virabhadrasana I and II or Warrior Pose I and II

In this case we find two types of postures that fall within the same group, which are the warrior postures. This exercise is more complicated than others, so it must be done accompanied to avoid falls.

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In the case of not being able to do it standing up, a chair can be used, where the person stands in front of the back of a chair and brings their feet closer. You should slightly bend both knees, bringing one leg straight back. The hands should catch the back of the chair and bring the coccyx, raising the spine in line with the hips.

Urdhva hastasana or palm tree pose

It is very similar to the mountain pose but with the palm of the feet are fully in contact with the ground and the hands are not intertwined.

The idea is from the arms on the flank of the body, they must make the journey until they are on the sides of the head. They should not flex, the gaze should be fixed in front, the breathing should be slow and deep.

Garudasana or Eagle Pose

The Eagle Pose it is perfect for stretching the leg joints. It also engages the abdomen to maintain balance and maintain a straight position.

In this case the ideal is to do it in a chair, without forcing too much, since the risk of falling is very high, and the adult person can be hurt. In addition, it should only be done as long as it does not put the person who performs it at risk.

Ardha matsyendrasana or half twist pose

In the same way as the previous one, it should only be done if it is comfortably and does not cause any pain. This pose is ideal for those who suffer from low back or back pain.

In the case of older adults, they can do it in a chair, sitting on it and the whole body turned to the right, with the back as straight as possible and squeezing the abdomen as hard as possible.

The feet should be together and it should be turned slowly as if you wanted to see what is behind, always without forcing and without taking your feet off the ground and keeping your hips as fixed to the chair as possible.

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