As September progresses, more and more are buried in the photos of our vacations the promises of June and summer. Among them: cooking less and eating out more. Unless cooking is your passion, preparing the next day’s meal at night may not make you very funny. Luckily, that is something we can leave in the past thanks to the multitude of services of tuppers at home that have emerged in recent years. Some even have weekly menus of ready-made dishes with which to eat all week without touching a stove.

Apet Eat

Ape eat

The Apeat Eat menu changes every five days and is made up of healthy dishes without additives that, in addition to being delicious, seek to be respectful with the planet. They have been created by chefs and nutritionists based on local and seasonal ingredients with vegan and vegetarian options. The result are natural recipes based on the traditional Mediterranean diet that can be ordered without planning, no minimum, or additional delivery cost.


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To eat so easily and simply that you only have to heat the tupper, we also have Wetaca, where you can choose between its traditional, light dishes, desserts … and make your own menu. All without having to go down to the supermarket or put a pan on the fire. The menu changes every Thursday although, if you want to think even less still, you can join their subscription with which each week you will receive a menu proposal adapted to your tastes and from which you can modify whatever you want.

Holy and blessed

Black Rice with Cuttlefish and Garlic Santa Y Bendita 001

The philosophy of Santa y Bendita is based on the slow food, keep food as natural as possible and convert it later into a healthy and natural meal. That is why they do not add chemicals to your food and it is shipped in 100% ecological packaging. Every week there are new dishes on your menu. Your Dishes healthy include meat and fish without fat accompanied by garnishes that highlight their flavors. In addition, all their desserts are made by hand and without added sugar.

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Every Monday, Beobeo offers its users a closed menu or different menu options. Twelve, nothing more and nothing less, so that we can create our own menu. Of course, always composed of 40% protein, 40% vegetables and 20% carbohydrates. They are made with very natural and organic fresh products, without sugars and with extra virgin olive oil. The menu also includes vegan options.

My plate

My plate

An offer of 60 traditional dishes based on the Mediterranean diet, in which the traditional stews and rice dishes stand out, is what Mi Plato offers. The letter includes different ready-made menus suitable for all types of diets and tastes (low in calories, gluten free, lactose free, for the elderly, low in carbohydrates …). A platform that solves the week for you, in addition, with a varied and balanced diet.

Diet Menu

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All Menu Diet dishes have the same thing in common: they are healthy. In fact, they even have their own application to monitor your health. Beyond that, you can choose between ordering individual dishes yourself or a weekly menu. Too you can start with a tasting menu to try four dishes and check if you like the service. Dishes are received frozen in pancakes that can be heated directly in the microwave.


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In Zamparte they have the largest variety of weekly menus at home, with 450 homemade dishes for all kinds of needs and palates: athletes, vegetarians, vegans, celiacs, allergies … You can choose the closed menus that they propose or create your own selection of the cuisine you have chosen. The dishes have an approximate expiration of 10 days so you only have to keep them in the fridge and heat them for two minutes in the microwave

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