In today’s society, having healthy habits is really complicated, and we are very little aware of how little we take care of ourselves and how much our actions affect our health, worsening it and reducing our years of life.

We want to live longer and better, but we do nothing to remedy it, that is why, for the new course and for the return to the routine we show you those five healthy habits that will change your health and your body, greatly improving your quality of life.

Start the day with a little exercise routine

A healthy habit that we like to recommend is exercising first thing in the morning, before eating breakfast. This type of exercise does not imply that it is of a high intensity, but it is a small routine that takes you about 30 minutes.

A good option is to go out for a walk during these minutes so that you get the sun right when you wake up, something highly recommended to regulate your circadian rhythms.

Also, when we exercise in the morning we help the body to activate all blood circulation, causing blood to travel faster to all tissues, oxygenating them. What’s more, it will help you release dopamine and serotonin, promoting stress reduction and increased feelings of well-being.

Eccentric Dominated

Try to listen to yourself more with meditation

Who among us has not ever judged himself? We all, and we practically judge ourselves every day. Who among us is fully aware of who he really is? Very few of us are aware of who we are and how we are inside, because as much as it costs us to assume, we do not listen to each other and medication is the way to do it.

Many of us know that mind-fullness is but very few of us practice it and incorporate it into our daily lives, because automating a habit requires time, which most are not willing to dedicate, leaving aside a very great opportunity to be happy with themselves. same. Because, Who of us is really happy just as he is?

Try to sleep at least eight hours a day, consistently

Not sleeping the hours necessary for your body could lead to a metabolic, physical, mental and hormonal imbalance, since sleep is essential to maintain good health.

These metabolic disturbances caused by lack of sleep can be transformed into an increase in insulin in the blood, an alteration of the mood, a greater retention of fat and many more.

Chronic Fatigue

Sleeping will mean that your day to day is more productive, that you feel rested and with an active mind, and therefore your well-being and health will increase substantially.

Sleep is currently very overrated, but it is really important, and it is not feasible to sleep 9 hours one day for 4 hours the next day, you have to be constant with your sleep so that hours do not accumulate and it does not affect our state of health.

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Say no to toxic habits

We are in a society very tied to consumptionThere are endless products that can harm our health, the great group par excellence are drugs, specifically alcohol and tobacco, which are currently legalized.

Alcohol and tobacco substantially decrease our years of life and its quality, as they are products that greatly damage our body. They are, in part, responsible for the vast majority of chronic diseases, making the consumer’s life dramatically worse.


It is really very difficult to get out of an addiction, but to seek help and listen to you and love yourself a little more, wanting the life that they have given us that, by the way, there is only one, it can be very beneficial for you. Kicking these habits will help you have a fuller and happier life.

Try to be consistent with what you eat

In the same way that there is a saying that we are what we show people, we are what we eat, and if we eat ultra-processed food, we will surely tend to obesity.

If we tend to obesity, we will look very bad physically, we will get frustrated because we will envy other bodies, this will generate anxiety and depression, and we will eat more and worse to alleviate that problem. And the snowball is going to grow bigger and bigger, until a day comes that is not sustainable for your heart.


I firmly believe that neither you nor anyone else wants to enter this vicious cycle, therefore, We recommend that you learn, with or without help, to eat well and educate your mind to have a healthy eating habit.

Water gives life, not soft drinks

Hydration is key to the proper functioning of your metabolism and to help slow the aging of cells, but many of us choose to hydrate with drinks other than water, and that is a serious mistake.

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It is true that most of the drinks and foods contain water, but you do not have the same control if you drink your 2 liters of water a day. Try to, apart from eating healthy and exercising daily, drink enough water to maintain good health.

A smile is worth much more than we think

According to several studies, smiling has many benefits and positive effects on our mood, because if you have a bad day and try to stand in front of the mirror and force a smile, you give a response to your brain that secretes a series of hormones, which They will help you have a much more productive and happy day.


There are four hormones secreted by the brain when smiling: neuropeptides, endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. These hormones when they act together are able to reduce stress, lower heart rate, increase productivity and reduce anxiety.

Moreover, a study showed a close relationship between training efficiency and smiling, where the results determined that smiling reduces the cost of oxygen by 2.78% compared to those who did sports with a frown.

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