Seven exercises for abs that you can do in the gym with pulleys

Seven exercises for abs that you can do in the gym with pulleys

The abdominals is a muscle group that we all like to see defined. To do this, we have to make a caloric deficit, introduce enough protein and perform strength training with exercises that involve large amounts of muscle mass such as squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, etc.

Exercises that involve a lot of muscle mass also often involve the abdominals. Even so, too it is important to work them analytically.

seven abdominal exercises to work with pulleys.

Kneeling pallof press

The kneeling press pallof is an exercise that tests core stability, being a intense and effective exercise to work the abdomen and with a great implication of the obliques (very interesting for the work of these muscles). Is a trunk anti-rotation exercise that makes all the muscles of the abdomen work safely and efficiently. To work it, place one knee on the floor, take the grip at the height of the abdomen and push it.

push-pull cable

This exercise for the abdominals, in addition to work a lot the core, it can also be used to train the muscles that are responsible for pushing and pulling, which makes it perfect to introduce it into a HIIT workout as well. To perform the exercise, take two grips of the pulley and, while with one grip you are in charge of pushing, with the other you have to pull keeping the torso totally neutral.

Horizontal Wood Chop

To perform this fantastic exercise that judokas often do a lot, you have to take hold of the pulley with both hands. Keep your arms outstretched and stand on one position perpendicular to the machine. Next, he rotates his shoulders and hips at the same time, keeping your arms straight at all times.

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Low-to-High Cable Wood Chop

This exercise is a variant of the one we have seen before. The difference is that instead of running it horizontally, we have to do it from the bottom up. Even so, this exercise can also be done from top to bottom. Although they may seem like exercises that are the same, they really are not. It’s like comparing a conventional deadlift to a Romanian one. Although the patterns may look the same, it is much better to combine both.

Kneeling Anti-Rotational Chop with Rope

This anti-rotation exercise is one of my favorites. To perform this exercise, get on your knees and take the rope from both ends and

anti-rotational lift

This anti-rotation exercise is very similar to the previous one. Despite this, it has its differences that make it an exercise that can be perfectly complement your core training. To do this, we must position ourselves as before but, instead of making the movement from top to bottom, we will have to do it from bottom to top.

Plank with paddle

Abdominal planks are one of the best exercises for work the core. This is because during this movement we do not perform a spinal flexion unlike conventional abdominal crunches. With this we avoid the damage that the intervertebral discs can suffer that form our backbone. To make the exercise a little more difficult, we are going to take a pulley and do a row as it will generate greater instability.

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