Series canceled by Netflix in 2021 that left us wanting more

Series canceled by Netflix in 2021 that left us wanting more

Jupiter’s legacy

These superheroes’ superpowers, created by Mark Millar, didn’t save them from Netflix will cancel the series in 2021 after a single season.

The truth is that it is a shame, because the premise is fine. The series presents us with superheroes who cannot stop the advance of age. When they are older, they have to pass the baton on to their children, which causes tensions, aggravated by having to face threats of all kinds.

Apparently Millar is focusing on a spin-off based on the supervillains of the series. We will see if it is enough to re-enter this universe.


Released in the summer of 2020, in 2021 came the news of the cancellation of Damn.

This medieval fantasy series, framed in the legends of King Arthur, tells us the story of the legendary Lady of the Lake, one of the most important and mysterious characters in this mythology.

In the series, certain essential things are changed (The Lady of the Lake was Merlin’s lover, here is his daughter), but the attempt to modernize and investigate these less explored aspects of the story does not seem to have convinced Netflix. He has canceled it after his first season, leaving us without knowing how the story unfolds.

Hit & Run

This interesting Israeli series left us with a whole cliffhanger at the end of its first season, but that has given Netflix equal. Released during the summer, it was quickly canceled.

Apparently, the accounts did not come out and it was too expensive for the few viewers who have seen it. A shame, it’s fine, but if you get with the first season, you’re going to stay in the middle forever.

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After two seasons produced, Netflix turned off the tap on Bonding, starring a Zoe Levin who plays dominatrix, helped by his best gay friend.

Apparently this black-tinged comedy couldn’t have worked. There is no reason for its cancellation, which probably means that, in that internal data that Netflix almost never reveals, it would not go too well.

Cowboy bebop

Cowboy bebop takes the prize that nobody wants and is the last series canceled by Netflix in 2021. Even faster than the irregulars, this live-action recreation of the famous anime it arose in November to fall in December.

There is no official reason for the sudden cancellation, but the truth is that it did not quite convince the fans, nor does it give too many reasons to hook the rest. But nevertheless, it had good parts that it would have been interesting to exploitWhat happens is that Netflix has little patience.

Apart from these, there are other series, typical American comedies, with actors like Jamie Foxx (Daddy stop embarrassing me) and comedians like Kevin James (The Crew) or Gabriel Iglesias (Mr. Iglesias). All are more niche and canceled after a season, except Mr. Iglesias which has reached three. Also left Country Comfort, another easy story of a singer country who is babysitting because art does not feed.

You can pass them calmly if you see them appear on Netflix Spain, because they did not leave us wanting more.

As you can see, Netflix’s ax is still very sharp and the series have enormous pressure to quickly like or go where they have come from. These have been the Netflix cancellations in 2021, we will see where those of 2022 go.