Semarnat denies Audi permission for solar plant

Semarnat denies Audi permission for solar plant

The project of the assembly plant of German origin consists of a power generation plant through photovoltaic conversion, which is planned to be developed within the Audi Mexico land, one kilometer south of San José de Chilapa.

Semarnat, through the General Directorate of Environmental Impact and Risk, explained that this type of project requires, from its initial conception, the establishment of the plant itself, the electrical substation and the internal transmission lines.

“In such a way that by involving a set of projects of works and activities that intend to be carried out in a determined ecological region, the project is responsible for the presentation of an Environmental Impact Statement, regional modality, as indicated in article 11 section III of the Regulation of the General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection in terms of Environmental Impact Assessment”, he explained.

The dependency left open the possibility that the automotive company carry out the procedure for the evaluation of the project according to the normative times.

review the decision
After learning of the decision, Audi México reported that they are reviewing the authorization of the transmission that exists within the plant, with the delivery of the additional documentation requested by the competent authorities.

“Audi Mexico is extremely respectful of all the legal provisions in force in the country, so it is reviewing the authorization,” he said in a statement.

He explained that the project is designed exclusively for consumption by the assembly plant and the energy generated will be used for the global production of the Audi Q5.

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“For the proper functioning of these panels, the company will use the infrastructure that it already has available within its facilities, which is the power plant and the transmission,” he added.