Sells Hot Wheels collection to pay for his wedding

Sells Hot Wheels collection to pay for his wedding

Today, toy collecting is more than just a hobby, due to the facilities offered by social networks and digital platforms for this community to grow; thus, Like any investment, collecting an object can bring various benefits in the long run, allowing you to pay for unforeseen or heavy expenses such as illnesses, accidents, trips or celebrations, as demonstrated by a network user, who made the decision to sell your entire collection Hot Wheels to pay for your wedding.

One of the great trends in toy collecting in recent years is the euphoria created around Hot Wheels, since one of these pieces can reach an extremely high market value. The ‘Rear Loader Beach Bomb’, of 1969, for example, is considered the “Holy Grailof this product, since this small vehicle, scale 1:64, reached 150 thousand dollars (around 3 million 20 thousand 239 Mexican pesos).

The importance of these scale cars is such that according to data reported by Specialized media in Hot Wheels collecting, they point out that a child in the United States has an average of 50 of these toys, also in accordance with what is indicated by Mattel, lThe production of just over 50 years of tradition has led the brand to create more than 6 billion pieces of these little cars.

sell Hot Wheels to pay for their wedding and this is how collectors react

Starting a collection of art, records or toys always takes time, patience, money and effort; neverthelesslike the purchase of goods, collections can get more than one out of financial trouble, This is thanks to the fact that depending on the value of the current market, good profits can be generated, as well as to be able to pay for a wedding or emerging expenses.

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Within the national territory, until last year 3.82 marriages were registered per thousand inhabitants, This is in accordance with what was indicated by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), a figure that reveals that less and less Mexicans opt for marriage, which is not cheap, since, On average, a wedding costs around 72 thousand pesoswhile the cost of families for an event of this magnitude is just over 180 thousand pesos in our country.

Although the collection exhibited on networks does not resemble that of Bruce Pascalwho until 2016 held the collection of Hot Wheels largest in the world, with just over 3,500 miniatures, the community began to offer their views on the situation, some encouraging the seller to overcome the obstacle, and others seeking to reconsider the future husband and prevent him from getting rid of his precious collection.

“If a woman allows or forces you to sell your collection of Hot Wheels it’s not worth it, obviously you, your interests and your tastes don’t matter to him, run away as fast as you can”. Vicky Vizcarra

“Always the HOT Wheels come to the fore, I remember a few years ago, I had to sell my entire collection due to financial problems, my 8-year-old girl remembered it last Friday and I couldn’t help but shed a tear.” Arthur Fierro

Getting married in Mexico is not an easy task, which is why it is common for couples to look for the mara to cover the expenses that this entails, either by putting their precious Viennese up for sale or setting up a business, as was demonstrated in recent days when evidencing how a couple, put their snack stand, to cover this expense.

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