Sega reveals new gameplay footage for Sonic Origins

Sega reveals new gameplay footage for Sonic Origins

There is little left for the game of sonic origins be released, and sega has finally let us see a trailer for the game before its debut of the collection that brings together its content that was originally released on Sega-Genesis Y Sega-CDbut during the new trailer shows some of the ways that these games will differ from their original releases, as to give an example, in particular, we can see how players will be able to choose between Sonic, tails Y knucklesas well as apply the implementation of the movement Drop Dash from sonic mania and the inclusion of the cut Hidden Palace Zone Of the version Genesis from sonic the hedgehog 2.

Now for those of you who aren’t that familiar with sonic originsthe upcoming collection will offer four of the character’s earliest games: sonic the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles Y sonic cd; these four games have been ported to countless platforms in several different collections, but unlike sonic originswhich offers us traditional versions of the games, at the same time that it offers a mode Anniversarywith new interesting improvements.

Then yes sega he stays with what he has shown of sonic originsit could be the ultimate choice for fans of classic arcade games. sonic the hedgehogso for his fans it will be interesting to be able to have sonic origins when it launches, and despite there being a lot of anticipation surrounding the collection, its fans have some noticeable issues with the way it sega is handling the launch.

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You see, that’s because at this point, there’s no planned physical version of the collection, and this has put off some of the fans, because of the way that sega offers different versions in levels and DLCso hopefully sonic origins will end up being something that fans old and new can appreciate, or at least, that’s what sega hope to achieve.

Remember that Sonic Origins will be released next June 23 in Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S Y pcso in the meantime, we’ll keep you posted.