See how much space you free up on BleachBit before running the cleanup

See how much space you free up on BleachBit before running the cleanup

If what we are looking for is that our team works as smoothly as possible, it is important that we do a certain operating system maintenance installed. On desktop computers we generally refer to Microsoft’s Windows, for which applications like BleachBit can help us thanks to the functions they offer.

We must bear in mind that, with the passage of time and the use of our computer, on many occasions the operating system loses efficiency in its operation. One of the reasons for all this is the constant installation and uninstallation of programs what we do here Many times this leaves traces in the form of useless information on the storage units. Likewise, we can find lost entries, direct accesses that do not call anything, and all kinds of data scattered on hard drives.

This accumulation, which can add up to several gigabytes, sometimes causes certain problems for software such as Windows. This is precisely where programs come into play. cleaning and optimization which we are talking about. Over the years new very effective titles have appeared that have competed with what was perhaps the leader in the sector at the time, CCleaner. Here BleachBit It is one of the most interesting options that we can use.

The application as such presents us with the necessary tools to automatically clean Windows all that useless information. In this way it is possible to optimize the general operation of the operating system, in addition to freeing up a good amount of disk space. But in these lines we want to talk about an interesting function that shows us how much space will we free up before running the cleanup.

Preview the amount of disk to save in BleachBit

As you can imagine, this preview function for freeing up space will serve as a guide before carrying out cleaning tasks. In this way we will be able to better select the elements that we want to optimize from the many that it offers us. BleachBit. And it is that when we put them into operation, an extensive list of elements appears by default on the left part of their interface. computer software that we can clean.

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These refer both to internet browsers, and to tools of the operating system itself, or some of the programs that we have installed. In addition, each of these applications is divided into several subcategories corresponding to the elements that can be optimized. But as we told you, before executing the function, we have the possibility to preview if it is worth it or not.

To do this, all we have to do is run the application in the conventional way. In the left panel of the main interface of BleachBit, as we mentioned before, we find a multitude of sections that we have the possibility of eliminating from here. Well, for the task at hand in these cases we only have to check those boxes that we want to check to later click the button Preview.

From that moment and next to each of the entries that we have marked, we will see the space to be released later. Obviously to achieve this goal we will have to execute the corresponding cleaning function with the button Clean up. We can carry out this movement with all those entries shown that we want to make a preview before freeing space.