Secret Reverse manga reveals Yu-Gi-Oh!

Secret Reverse manga reveals Yu-Gi-Oh!

The new project of Viz Average is being prepared, and its official release in English will be very soon, since this manga version, where we will learn about Secret Reverse from Marvelwill arrive at the end of this summer, and that is why they have launched a new promotion of the series to celebrate it, since now that Marvel collaborated with some prominent manga creators, they wanted to show us their great results.

That’s right, from the manga line and projects from Marvelwho gave life to the version Deadpool:Samuraicomes one of the most interesting collaborations in a special story of Hombre de Hierro Y spider-manwhich has come from the mind of the creator of the series Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kazuki Takahashiin which the two heroes of Marvel they face a villain fueled by their children’s card game devices.

And if it’s true, this project may sound a bit strange, but this new series imagined what it would look like if these heroes of Marvel will face a villain with powers inspired by the characters of yu gi ohand although it was originally released overseas some time ago, Viz Average is finally bringing it to the shelves of the United States, which is why starting in June, they will be available in their English version.

This great release of the new manga by Viz Averagegave us a taste of what we’ll be able to enjoy on their pages, and shared a cool promo video that gives fans an idea of ​​the makeovers of spider-man Y Hombre de Hierro from the featured creator along with his surprising new villain.

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So, the important launch by Viz Averagewill bring us to Marvel’s Secret Reverse straight to US shelves from June 14and among their promotional animations, they make a fun satire in the unmistakable style of Yu-Gi-Oh!: “In Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi’s epic team-up between Iron Man and Spider-Man, Tony Stark travels to Japan to attend a gaming convention. Reijiro Kaioh, the CEO of a card game company from world fame, awaits your arrival. Kaioh plans to introduce an amazing new gaming machine, but the inventor and his device are not at all what they seem to be…”