Secret fiber and mobile rates to retain you, do they exist or are they a myth?

Secret fiber and mobile rates to retain you, do they exist or are they a myth?

A secret fee of an operator is one that is not available to contract directly when it comes to portability or a new discharge, and that cannot be known by the user unless the operator offers it. As many of you have experienced, before making a switch to an operator, our current operator usually calls us to make a counteroffer.

Secret rates: permanence in exchange for improvements

These counter offers are used by the so-called secret rates For try retain customer. Normally, the operators of the operators have a list of the rates that they can offer us, as well as the rates that users are most likely to hire depending on what they have contracted or the operator they go to. With this, the current operator can adapt the offer, and even improve that of the competition so that the user stays, offering, for example, more fiber speed, more gigs in the data rate, cheaper additional mobile lines, low-cost mobiles. price, or just a price drop maintaining current conditions.

In exchange, these rates usually have a permanence associated with the exchange of these improvements and of having a customer insured for a longer period of time, where the operator also has to guarantee a minimum profitability. If the user leaves, the operator will stop collecting money from him, so it is better to offer a very aggressive rate in order to ensure that the user stays with the operator. In addition, losing a user does not help to make up the monthly portability figures; especially if you go to an operator from another group, or if it is a simple mobile line, where the discounts can be more aggressive than in convergent packages.

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Almost all operators do

In all cases, it is the user who always has the upper hand, since they can switch to an operator that offers a very cheap rate, thanks to the explosion of the low cost we have lived in the last year, or your operator may offer you a very aggressive rate for you to stay. Thus, even if users do not really want to switch, they usually carry out portability threats so that their operator offers them that aggressive rate.

Not all operators have these secret fees. There are many that simply let you go, but the main operators in the country, such as Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, Jazztel and MásMóvil, do have these secret rates. In fact, MásMóvil had been offering one of them for months, and they have finally made it public on their website, where we can hire 100 Mbps fiber and a mobile line with unlimited calls and 20 GB of data for 35 euros per month. This rate was only offered to users who were going to change operator.