Eating fresh and seasonal food is always recommended and we advise not only going to seasonal fruits and vegetables, but also to fish that find their best season during these months. So we show you what they are seasonal fish in fall and 17 recipes to add to your usual table.

The best fish for fall

In order to respect natural reproduction cycles of different fish and obtain fresh fish at a good price / quality ratio we recommend choosing seasonal specimens.

Thus, during the fall we can find mullet, swordfish, grouper, sea bream or sea bream among sea fish, while among river fish there are seasonal specimens such as the tent and the perch.

Healthy preparations with seasonal fish

To take advantage of the fish that find their best season in these months we recommend the following recipes:

Dishes with sea fish


Preparations with river fish

These are the seasonal fish during the fall and 17 recipes to include them at the usual table for these months of the year.

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