Season of the Tormented kicks off in Destiny 2, available now

Season of the Tormented kicks off in Destiny 2, available now

Bungie’s multiplayer shooter destiny 2 it is close to turning five years old and, all this time later, it continues to offer new content on a regular basis. In that sense, today Season of the Tormented kicks off in Destiny 2which is already available and will be until next August 23. Now the North American company has offered all the details about a season that is expected to be loaded with content, much of it at no additional cost to users, who will be able to continue enjoying new adventures for free for three more months.

These are some of the activities of the Destiny 2 Season of the Tormented that Bungie has confirmed:

  • Nightmare Containment (Free for all players): Evil echoes within the hull of the Emperor’s ship, fallen from grace. Summon the terrifying nightmares and use fire to cleanse them.
  • Separation: Traverse the intricate bowels of the Leviathan, uncover the truth behind Calus’s sinister plan, and separate him from the nightmares he controls.
  • Solar 3.0 (Free for all players): The Solar subclass has been completely redesigned through the skin and shard system, which provides a huge level of customization. Light the flames of creativity, discover new combinations and prove that there is never a bad time to fight fire with fire.
  • Intruder Exotic Pistol (Free to all players): Wield Shiro-4’s Exotic Pistol, straight from the original Destiny, and let lightning strike through the tarnished gold of Leviathan’s twisted halls. Season Pass owners can instantly unlock this weapon.
  • new season passgear, mods, updated Solstice event, and more.

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Likewise, Bungie has also commented that this Friday the first of two dungeons included in The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition. For those who don’t own this version, the two Year 5 dungeons will be accessible via a key that is already on sale for 2,000 silver. Remember that the Season of the Tormented begins today and will last until August 23.

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