Cobra Kai It is, without a doubt, a success that is difficult to explain. At times it is a brilliant series and at times it borders on the aesthetics of American novels. He has tremendous respect for the movies of karate Kid and has managed to transform many characters from the eighties to the present. But it also has loose plot lines, empty characters, conflicts that go nowhere, and almost all based on a single element: the lack of communication.

Still, we have swallowed four seasons in Netflix —Although the first was originally broadcast in YouTube Premium-. The latter being significantly better than the third. The streaming platform is so sure of the success of the series that the fifth season it’s finished recording although there is no release date yet.

Cobra Kai It will also answer one of the great unknowns of the Karate Kid franchise. It has been advanced by one of the co-creators of the series, Hayden Schlossberg, in his twitter account.

“Cobra Kai season 5 will answer that question we’ve asked ourselves for years: what would have happened if Daniel [LaRusso] I would have lost at the end of Karate Kid 3. Nerds in the Valley: Be Afraid, “he wrote.

What happened in ‘Karate Kid 3’ and how ‘Cobra Kai’ can explain that question

Karate kid iii

In Karate kid 3 introduces himself to the character of Terry Silver interpreted by Thomas Ian Griffith as the original founder of Cobra Kai. He joins the team to help John Kreese get revenge on Daniel LaRusso and Lord Miyagui. They later recruit several violent students, including Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan, General Hospital, Revenge of the Nerds) to enter the All-Valley tournament. But Daniel refuses to participate.

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Later in the movie, Barnes and his group force LaRusso to participate, causing a separation between him and Mister Miyagi. It’s when Terry Silver offers himself as a coach, causing a major rift.

At the end of the movie Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi make amends and reunite for the tournament finale, beating Mike Barnes narrowly and ending the movie with a happy ending.

The fourth season of Cobra Kai re-introduces Terry Silver, again played by Thomas Ian Griffith. Again helping John Kreese to win the All-Valley tournament. But at the end of the season something happens between the two and it is suggested that Mike Barnes will return.

With Silver at the helm of Cobra Kai, the return of Barnes and after what was said by Daniel LaRusso at the end of the last episode of the fourth season, everything indicates that we will see a new confrontation between the two in the fifth season. And this is how we could answer that question that we have asked ourselves for years, after seeing Karate kid 3.