Searches for ‘Remote Cryptocurrency-Related Jobs’ Explode to Highest Point Worldwide

Searches for ‘Remote Cryptocurrency-Related Jobs’ Explode to Highest Point Worldwide

Analysis of Google search data reveals that searches for “remote jobs related to cryptocurrencies” shot up 560% worldwide in June 2022, the highest level in Internet history. Search interest reached its high point between June 12 and 18, following announcements that several high-profile blockchain firms Coinbase,, Gemini Exchange and BlockFi were laying off some of their workforce.

Analysis of Google search data, conducted by, reveals that searches for remote jobs related to cryptocurrenciesgrew more than six times the average volume in June, an unprecedented surge in crypto enthusiasts seeking remote jobs amid widespread reports of a market crash.

The spike in search interest also comes at a time when high-profile tech companies are laying off employees after a market downturn, where hiring managers now have an influx of in-demand tech talent to keep up with.a Cryptojobslist spokesperson said.

In the meantime, Binance, Kraken and Polygon announced that they were accelerating recruitmentas companies across various sectors scramble for crypto and blockchain tech talent amid market volatility and massive layoffs in the tech sector, which is experiencing a downturn after a strong performance during the pandemic.

Technology in general is struggling in a tough market as stocks plunge and economic uncertainty takes its toll. But that doesn’t mean tech workers aren’t in demand—quite the contrary, according to this CNBC report.“, he claimed.

Taking advantage of the layoffs sweeping the crypto and tech sector, other companies hungry for top IT talent are fighting each other to recruit, and those suddenly out of a job will likely find they are in demand as the rivals find themselves in a highly competitive labor market.

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Like other markets, cryptocurrencies have recently become volatile, with some widely reported layoffs. However, we are seeing that high-profile companies are not discouraged and continue to invest in blockchain and web3 talent, seeing the long-term value in the technology. While some companies have admitted to growing too fast, others have managed to grow sustainably as Binance announced its plan to hire 2,000 people. Those who were affected by the layoffs in the crypto industry are likely to find opportunities soon after, as the industries are still hungry for those who have a passion and understanding for crypto and blockchain technology.“, he added.

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