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A spectacular basket on the horn of the Canadian Thomas Scrubb gave the victory to Monbus Obradoiro on Friday against Joventut (93-91), in a duel that was complicated in the first quarter but dominated in the last minutes with a seven-point advantage.

Scrubb gives victory to Obradoiro with a basket on the hornOBR

JOVScrubb gives victory to Obradoiro with a basket on the horn

Obradoiro, 93

(17 + 30 + 23 + 23): Hobbs (11), Robertson (10), Scrubb (12), Álex Suárez (9) and Elleson (17) -the starting team- Viny Okouo, Zurbriggen (1), Muñoz (15 ), Filipovity (2), Beliauskas (12) and Birutic (4)

Joventut, 91

(22+: 25 + 22 + 22) Guillem Vives (9), Pau Ribas (9), Joel Parra (4), Brodziansky (19) and Tomic (11) -starting team- Brandon Paul (17), Ventura (5 ), Willis (9), Feliz (4), Maronka and Busquets (5)


Calatrava, Caballero and Lucas. Without eliminated.


Match corresponding to the second day of the Endesa league played at the Multiusos Fontes do Sar in front of some 2,000 spectators

Obradoiro was penalized for his mistake from the 3-point line at the start. He threw six 3-pointers and did not score any, while the visitors Brodziansky and Tomic dominated the painting. Joventut did not take long to punish his rival, which took almost four minutesthem to score their first basket (2-12).

Moncho Fernández’s team adjusted their defense and that allowed them to tighten the score (13-14), although Joventut hit another stretch at the start of the second quarter (17-28, min.12) after Obradoiro failed again his first two triples -Beliauskas and Muñoz-.

Based on local triples

Moncho Fernández endured without asking for time out, and his players did not stop throwing from the 6.75 meter line. It was decisive for the Galician reaction. Lithuanian Beliauskas and Muñoz had two in a row, and Hobbs joined the party.

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Carles Durán, visiting coach, stopped the crash after a partial 11-3 (28-31, min.15), but Obradoiro’s exteriors continued with a hot wrist. With four more triples they achieved reach the break tied (47-47), and even Álex Suárez was able to score the eighth But the hoop spat its shot over the horn.

The santiagueses enjoyed their first advantage at the beginning of the third quarter (49-47), but the second unit of Joventut, led by Derek Willis and a spectacular Brandon Paul, stopped his reaction (56-63, min. 24).

Black-green offensive jam

The Catalan team got stuck in attack when Paul had to withdraw due to a physical problem, and Obradoiro took advantage of it to regain command of the duel (67-65, 70-67), with Durán desperate with the referee’s performance -land they signaled a technical foul in the last minute of the third quarter.

With the score tight to the max and Paul still on the bench, the fourth quarter started with four 3-pointers, two for each team. Ribas missed a fifth, and Hobbs continued with the festival (79-75, min.32). Durán did not wait any longer: You live, Brodziansky and Paul returned. His team improved in attack, but Muñoz warmed up his wrist to put Obradoiro up seven (88-81).

Joventut increased their defensive intensity, and, despite two failures by Vives and Ribas, they reached two (91-89) just over a minute. Obradoiro did not score, and Ribas iequalized with two free throws. Brodziansky wasted an attack to complete the comeback, and Scrubb, falling, unleashed the madness in Sar with a spectacular basket on the horn.