Scrolling in Edge will be smoother on FreeSync monitors

Scrolling in Edge will be smoother on FreeSync monitors

We return to the old ways with one of the most longed-for features among users of the classic Microsoft Edge, if the one with motor EdgeHTML. We are talking about the smooth scrolling or scrolling that the browser had. Much has been made of this feature and Microsoft has yet to bring it to Chromium-based Edge. Now thanks to Leo Varela we know you are working on this feature for dashboards FreeSync.

FreeSync monitors will benefit from Edge

As always, we start by remembering that, being an experimental function, we may or may not see it in the future. In the latest build of Edge Canary, a new experimental option has appeared called “Boost screen refresh rate when scrolling”. It is very interesting since it will use VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology to offer this experience. The description of this new feature says:

Allows Windows to temporarily increase the refresh rate when scrolling (as long as the computer has a VRR panel and a supporting driver). This provides a smoother scrolling experience overall – Windows

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) panels, such as panels AMD Freesync / G-sync Compatible and G-sync, are those that can vary their refresh rate. These screens have the ability to vary the frequency of the panel increasing or decreasing to synchronize with games or any type of content.

In the present case, Microsoft Edge will use this technology to increase the frequency while scrolling. In this way we will obtain a greater fluidity in the displacement.

There are already technologies on the market that are looking for something like this, however, it is the first time that we see VRR technology being used to improve the feeling of fluidity when sailing. We will see if Edge developers find other uses for this technology and if this feature finally reaches the world.

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