Scream could have its own cinematic universe

Scream could have its own cinematic universe

The Scream saga returns to theaters and now they could be raising their own horror film universe

Horror lovers rejoice! the saga of scream, which began at the end of the last millennium at the hands of Wes Craven, Has returned. And he could have done it to stay with us permanently. After the death of the filmmaker, paramount Pictures will premiere tomorrow the reboot starring Courtney Cox, Neve Campbell Y David Arquette. But it might not be the only movie in the horror saga that we see soon, as they have indicated in Cinemablend.

Before the premiere of the new film, in Cinemablend they were able to speak with some of those responsible for Radio Silence, film production company behind the film. In addition to the co-directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin Y Tyler Gillett, they were able to speak with the producer Chad Vilella. When asked about the future plans of the horror franchise, this is what he replied:

«We are absolutely interested in continuing to do more Scream installments. Now it’s just a matter of them calling us again. We’ve had an amazing few months making this film. We’ve done it with basically all of our friends and we’ve made a lot of friends along the way.«.

The box office will be key to reviving the Ghostface franchise

Everything indicates, then, that there will be more deliveries of scream with the good of Ghostface sowing chaos wherever it goes. There’s no guarantee that there will be a sequel or the idea of ​​a horror cinematic universe, but the people behind the revival of the saga are very interested in making it happen. So we can be calm in that sense.

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The safest thing is that it will depend on the performance of the film in theaters. If the theaters welcome the return of Ghostface, it is most likely that we will see new installments in the coming years. A good box office is key for this type of project. If it gets a good release, and horror movies tend to do very well in that sense, maybe we can celebrate a much bigger return than we had originally imagined.