Scottish Cranachan. Easy and simple dessert recipe

Scottish Cranachan.  Easy and simple dessert recipe

I’m sure that when you try this typical Scottish dessert, the cranachan, you will fall madly in love with it and you will not be able to stop preparing it this summer. This dessert, used at weddings and holidays in Scotland, is one of their most traditional sweets, and it is usually a mixture of whipped cream, whiskey, honey and toasted oatmeal that is usually served by glass.

Originally, it was a summer dish, which was consumed in harvest times and was not served to the table, but its different ingredients were placed separately so that each diner could form it to their liking. I have fallen at his feet, well I think it’s a round dessert, with the acid touch of the fruit, the crunchiness of the oats and the smoothness of the cream, resulting in an irresistible combination.

We will begin preheating the oven to 180ºC. Then we slightly melt the butter and put it in a bowl together with the honey. Add the oats, the brown sugar, the hazelnuts in coarse pieces and the flour.

We stir and spread it on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper. We bake for 20 minutes. Once baked we remove it and we crumble slightly into irregular pieces. We booked.

On the other hand, in a bowl we add the cream, the mascarpone, the icing sugar and the whiskey. We beat with rods until it is mounted and makes peaks. We clean the raspberries and add them in another bowl, add the remaining icing sugar.

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To assemble the dessert, in a glass of whiskey or similar we put a layer of raspberries, add another layer of cream, sprinkle a little crunchy. We repeat the same layers one more time. We reserve in the fridge until serving time.


With what to accompany the Scottish cranachan

The cranachan, an easy, refreshing and satisfying Scottish dessert does not need any other accompaniment than a coffee or infusion. You can add a little more whiskey to the cream, but the thing is that the liquor gives it a subtle alcoholic touch, but not the predominant flavor of the dessert.

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