This combination of bacterial extracts called OM-85 has been used in Europe for several years and is currently supplied primarily by Italian doctors to treat respiratory infections, offering a new way to prevent or reduce infection.

What is OM-85?

OM-85 is a bacterial lysate, or a combination of molecules extracted from the cell walls of bacteria, which is already marketed outside the United States under the brand name Broncho-Vaxom (which is also sold in Mexico for approximately 700 pesos). ) as a preventive treatment for upper respiratory infections in children and adults.

“Current infection prevention strategies are based on vaccines that make our immune system respond mainly by producing antibodies.”

“Antibodies adhere to a specific part of the virus that acts as the key and prevents it from adhering to the lung cell receptor, which is like a lock on the outside of the lung cell,” explained Donata Vercelli, professor of cellular medicine. and molecular at the Arizona-Tucson School of Medicine and genetics at the BIO5 Institute.

“Basically, we are removing the lock from the cell wall so that there is nothing that the virus key can stick to,” he added.

“Our innate immune system has evolved under environmental pressures like bacteria, but our current lifestyle often does not give us the opportunity to develop this protective immunity,” concluded Vercelli.