Save 80 euros on this Philips Full HD monitor perfect for gaming

Save 80 euros on this Philips Full HD monitor perfect for gaming


Many players prefer play on computer with your monitor and other accessories. Is better play on a gaming monitor or on a TV? It is a matter with many factors to take into account, since the competitive games they are not particularly demanding on graphics. If you’re looking for a cheap monitorDon’t miss out on this Amazon deal to buy the 22-inch Philips Full HD monitor. So it only costs 118.99 euros because it is reduced more than 80 euros.

Resolution is another feature that you have to take into account. This Philips model is from 1080pbut you can find the best tvs for gaming in 4k. With that image quality you will be able to make the most of the possibilities of the new generation of consoles, although it will be more expensive. Instead, the monitor that we highlight today really costs 200.03 euros without discount. has applied 41% discountwith which you can save 81.04 euros in total.

The Philips monitor has 1080p resolution and 75 Hz

This Philips monitor has an IPS panel and measures 22 inches

Another aspect to take into account is the Update frequency to avoid problems such as stuttering or flickering. This model has 75Hz rate, the minimum recommended for playing video games. It has AMD FreeSync technology that improves performance to have a more fluid experience and avoid annoying frame drops. This guarantees you a smooth and fast update and ultra-fast response time.

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In terms of design, it is a monitor with shapes very elegant and simple. The screen measures 22 inches and has hardly any frames, so you will enjoy a broader view. This monitor offers a sharp image quality from any angle and features a LowBlue mode for reduce eye fatigueas well as the negative effects of blue light on our eyes.

It is certainly a monitor with LED technology very good for video games and daily use. The best thing is the price because you will rarely find such a cheap screen. Right now it costs 118.99 eurossince it has a discount of 41% that will allow you save at least 80 euros on this purchase. Take the opportunity!

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