We continue to remove corn from cans and salads to present a dish fast, fresh, healthy and very tasty, full of summer flavors and minimal difficulty. Of course, it could be done with already cooked corn but, we insist, cobs freshly cooked summertime more than multiplies its virtues.

This recipe is a slight adaptation of Melissa Clark in The New York Times, who uses grilled halloumi cheese as a protein part of the stir fry. It is a cheese that is still difficult to find in Spain, so we have replaced it with a Greek feta; They are not exactly the same – halloumi is sweeter and easier to cook without disassembling – but it works very well.

We could also use any fresh white cheese Of those that are often used to grill on toast and appetizers, as in this classic with Murcian sobrasada, or simply add the cheese without further ado, fresh. Additionally, jalapenos can be used fresh or canned, or substituted for pickles. The pickle touch seems to us to be much better, adding more flavor to the whole.

Cut the leaves and remove the filaments from the cob, wash, dry and cut the grains raw with a sharp knife. Wash and dry the tomatoes and the basil and coriander (optional); Cut the first ones in half or quarters, slice the jalapeños or pickles and cut the onion into a fine fuliana.

Cut the cheese into cubes or rectangles in one bite and grill, with a little oil, round and round, one minute on each side; depending on the type of cheese it could start to melt very quickly, so be careful. Remove to a plate with kitchen paper and reserve.

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Add a little more oil to the skillet and sauté the corn with the tomatoes and jalapeños; season, add the cumin and cook the whole for about 7-10 minutes, without stopping to stir, until the tomatoes are slightly crisp.

Remove from the heat, add the onion, basil, coriander (optional) and cheese; serve with a little more pepper and / or cumin and a few lemon or lime wedges To accompany.

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With what to accompany the corn stir fry

A good portion of this corn stir fry constitutes a full and satiating plate without ceasing to be light, which in summer we can complement with a cold soup that is not tomato, such as this one with carrots, or some hummus with raw crudités. In smaller portions, it would make an excellent side dish or first course of meat, fish, falafel or tofu.

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