More and more companies are adopting the Matter standard for their IoT (Internet of Things) products. In this case it has been Samsung, who have ensured that its SmartThings platform will have support for the aforementioned smart home standard.

The news is given through the Samsung Developer Conference yesterday, where the company confirmed the support of this standard for its platform. This means that its Galaxy products, televisions, Family Hub and SmartThings Hub will fully adopt this connectivity standard.

Jaeyeon Jung, Corporate Vice President of Samsung, states that “Matter will help drive smart home adoption“In addition, from Samsung they assure that with SmartThings”it will be easier for users to get smart home experiences with device integration, custom automation and variety in voice assistants“.

Matter, the new standard that will arrive in 2022

Standardizing and unifying smart home platforms are the main features that Matter will bring with it, an idea that began to be considered in 2019. More than 180 companies have joined on board this new concept, which aims to improve the integrity of smart home connections and cause fewer compatibility issues when creating a smart home ecosystem.

Matter proposes seamless operation with all current connected home and voice assistants, including Alexa, HomeKit with Siri, Google Assistant, and now SmartThings too. In addition, it will work on current communication and connectivity standards such as Ethernet (802.3), Wi-Fi (802.11), Thread (802.15.4) and Bluetooth low energy.

Companies such as Google, Apple or Amazon supported this standard from the beginning, and it was warned that it would be in 2022 when we would see that compatibility materialize. Like Samsung, who also plan to incorporate this compatibility in their products in 2022, without a specific date yet.

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