In the framework of the CES of Las Vegas in 2022, the Samsung have shown all the progress they have made in recent months in the field of folding screens.

The future of mobile telephony is in folding screens or, at least, that is what a certain South Korean company believes. And, is that, Samsung has bet from the beginning on devices with folding screens, already having a couple of generations behind us.

When it comes to understanding folding phones, the format must be taken into account, this being almost the key point of this type of device. There are those that fold in half horizontally to become a more compact version, while there are also those that fold vertically and pretend to be tablets.

But are there more formats? The truth is that, for the moment, no. Many manufacturers have plans to launch devices with folding screens, but they have not yet become a reality. Samsung has the production power necessary to launch devices of different formats.

This power has been demonstrated at the CES in Las Vegas in 2022 and, is that the South Korean firm has shown everything it has prepared. The devices you have shown are not ready for the markets, but it should be noted that they are quite functional for prototypes.

What has attracted the most attention is a device that can bend up to twice In order to offer a large screen, we also find one that is like a laptop where everything is a screen. ANDThe third is a device with a folding screen that surrounds the entire equipment, this being a speaker.

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This demonstration of power by Samsung is interesting at the level of what they can do in the future. It is clear that they are not going to launch these terminals now, but it gives us an idea of ​​the path that the company can take in terms of folding devices and their different types.