Salpicón acevichado of mussels and octopus, ginger and coriander fresh and light recipe

Salpicón acevichado of mussels and octopus, ginger and coriander fresh and light recipe

East acevichado mussels and octopus salpicon, is a fresh and light recipe that you can serve as a starter when you have a fish-based dinner planned. The different flavors are balanced and the result is a delicious dish perfect for sharing.

On this occasion we have mixed fresh mussels and octopus cooked at home, which are a economical option to solve a dish from our daily menu, knowing that it will be a success and everyone will eat it very well.

If you like Asian flavours, don’t hesitate to finish the dish doing like us, a freshly cut coriander and grated ginger topping randomly distributed. By mixing the salpicón as if it were a salad, everything will be at its point, perfectly harmonized. Try it, listen to me.

Cook the fresh mussels in a saucepan with plenty of water and a handful of salt. When they open, we take them out of the saucepan and remove the shells, keeping the mussel meat.

We do the same operation with the octopus and once cooked, we cut it with scissors into slices, reserving by hand the water generated by the octopus during its cooking of the octopus. We squeeze the juice of a lime and chop onion, tomato and green pepper in Little pieces.

Mix everything in a large bowl and stir so that all the ingredients are evenly distributed. Grate a piece of ginger and finely chop the cilantro, adding everything on top. Dress with the lime juice and the purple water from the octopus and mix well, adjusting the salt if necessary, before taking it to the table.

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With what to accompany the salpicón acevichado of mussels and octopus, with ginger and coriander

To accompany our recipe Salpicon with mussels and octopus, ginger and coriander, you can continue the menu with a delicious lemon donkey sole and thus complete a wonderful healthy meal full of sea flavor.

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