Salmon Canapes Cemetery. Easy, simple and delicious Halloween recipe

Salmon Canapes Cemetery.  Easy, simple and delicious Halloween recipe

The best thing about Halloween recipes, if we want to get creative to celebrate it at home, is that they do not require being very crafty or meticulous, at least when it comes to being salty. Recreate a cemetery with edible graves as these it is as simple as cutting rectangles with a knife, filling them to taste and having a minimum of pulse to give them a decorative touch.

The ideal bread is for this need is called pumpernickel or german black bread, more typical of Westphalia but already very common throughout Germanic Europe, and spread to bakeries and supermarkets around the world. Here it can be found as whole wheat rye bread, it is sold pre-sliced ​​and is very dense, moist and dark; perfect for forming tombstones.

Its intensity goes wonderfully with a smoked salmon, cream cheese and mustard filling, although you can fill the mini sandwiches or canapes with what you prefer, for example hummus, guacamole or another type of cheese. We will save on piping bags by using a small freezer bag with a cut corner to decorate the headstones.

Layer the bread slices two by two and cut the side edges; we can save them and chop them to add them to a salad or soup. Cut rectangles thus in the shape of a tombstone of the desired size, ensuring that they have similar dimensions but without being identical.

Group them in pairs; spread one side with mustard and the other with cream cheese, and add pepper. Divide the sliced ​​salmon and close the mini sandwiches. Fill one piping bag or freezer bag with the cream cheese, extract as much air as possible and cut a small opening in one corner.

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Decorate the tombstones with this, forming a border on the front and drawing the initials ‘RIP’ in the center. Cover a fountain with green sprouts or sprouted and place the canapés formed carefully.


With what to accompany the canapés cemetery

A platter with these mini gravestone sandwiches canapes will fit into any Halloween themed menu, accompanying other salty party dishes such as monstrous mozzarella eyes, spider web hummus, or some rice zucchini. And for dessert we can show off a bloody red velvet cake, or some simple eye of Sauron tarts, more simple.

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