We already know that Microsoft Teams has countless connectors and applications, But, if they are large companies related to CRM and ERP, Salesforce it is undoubtedly one of the most important. That’s why his absence seemed difficult for those companies that not only work with the Microsoft application but with Salesforce as well. Now, the integration between these two services finally arrives.

Salesforce is now available to Microsoft Teams users

Last year, Microsoft and Salesforce announced a partnership to bring the application and integration of Salesforce in Microsoft Teams. After a long period of work, it is available to all Teams users. Salesforce users can now Mention Salesforce Records in Teams to facilitate collaboration. They can also preview the details of records others post, pin records to channel tabs for easy access, and keep records up-to-date with online editing. With the Microsoft Teams integration, Salesforce users can:

  • Mention Salesforce records (opportunities, accounts, cases, contacts, and leads) in channels and chats to facilitate collaboration.
  • Preview more details about the records posted to channels and chats.
  • Pin records to channel tabs and chats to make them easier to find
  • Edit records directly in the application.
  • Post important moments of conversation to the Salesforce Chatter feed of pinned records in the Teams chat and channel tabs.

Although Salesforce has acquired Slack they are aware that Teams is a great app, with its defects, and cannot be absent. The integrations of different products and services with Teams have made the Microsoft application a vital service for many companies.

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