Salary of teachers with individual study will grow; they will distribute 25 thousand million pesos

Salary of teachers with individual study will grow;  they will distribute 25 thousand million pesos

Yesterday, May 15, Teacher’s Day was celebrated, a reason that caused various activities within the national territory, where the figure of those who generation after generation seek to instill the love of knowledge was celebrated, it is within the framework of these celebrations that during the morning of today, in one of the first interventions of the morning conference, known as “the morning”, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador congratulated the teachers and announced that an investment of nearly 25 billion pesos would be made to strengthen the salary of teachers.

Salary strengthening for Teachers

The Secretary of Education, Delfina Gómez, congratulated and thanked the teachers for their work, reason that led to highlight the participation of the federal and state governments and institutions in the new design of the educational plan and programs, with the intention of publicizing the salary increase for the base of education workers. Similarly, the Ministry of Finance highlighted that vaccination for teachers against Covid-19 is just over two million 116 thousand 87 doses applied.

Within one of the first interventions after the signaling of salary strengthening, the secretary of the treasuryRogelio Ramírez de la O, announced that The initiative plans a staggered percentage increase of at least 3, 2 and 1 percent for salaries of less than 20 thousand pesos per month, Likewise, it was announced that those who earn less than 12,000 pesos per month will also be creditors of a planned increase of 1 percent, thought about salaries and general salaries.

How much does a teacher earn in Mexico

During the past year it became known through specialized media that the base of education workers at the middle and higher levels, has an average salary of 7.02 thousand pesoswhich registered a drop of at least 2 percent compared to what was registered at the beginning of last year, for the increase, indicated of up to three percent for education workers, will strengthen family spending, allowing teachers to obtain more competitive salaries.

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The action taken by the Government of Mexicohas generated various reactions within the digital conversation, even hours before I know I owe the increase, since the President had already said that his intention was to help education workers, which caused various Internet users to begin point out the benefits and the questions that arise as a result of the announcement.

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