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Saints Row First Impressions

Saints Row First Impressions

Last year we saw the resurgence of a well-known saga, especially in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 generation: Saints Row. This time, the studio in charge of this title, Volition, did not want to continue with the numbered franchise, and instead decided to do a “reboot”, but keeping the classic DNA of the franchise.

We could already see in its previous trailers and images that the title had the aura that all of Saints Row has had, but thanks to Deep Silver, we recently had the opportunity to attend a private event where we were shown almost half an hour of gameplay, where we see all the possibilities of the game, in addition to being able to hear a few developers of the title talk about the work they have been doing for years. All this, and more, we will explain in these Saints Row first impressions.

Saints Row is back, and in great shape

In the gameplay they taught us, We could see how the first robberies of what in the future would form the leadership of the Saints began to be, doing petty robberies like in small banks, to later be chased by the police and escape. All this accompanied by the absurd humor that we have seen in previous installments of the franchise.

From what we could see, both the handling of the vehicles and the shooting has been greatly improved, continuing with that “arcade” touch that feels fabulous. The vehicles will even have a kind of lateral “dash” that we can use to destroy the police cars that are chasing us. On the other hand, in foot combat we can use both weapons and go hand-to-handand finish off the enemies in the form of “finishers” that will make us let out the occasional laugh.

If something defines this game, it is its fun

Without even trying it out for ourselves, we were able to see how fun its gameplay, characters, and naughty tone were. Just traveling around the city can be a lot of fun, since we can go in a variety of amazing vehicles (there are some that are crazy), or we can travel with a “wingsuit”, propelling ourselves in the inhabitants of Santo Ileso to maintain the flight.

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The tone of both the characters we get to know and the story is one of total fun, always telling jokes, with crazy situations, but at the same time they can become very emotional (several writers of the title warned us that the game would have parts fun and emotional alike). Y if the title has the ability to make us cry with laughter, and at the same time, make us cry with sadness, it will be a great achievementsince few works achieve that level of connection with the user.

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Santo Ileso is a huge city, both solo and co-op

When exploring the gigantic map that Volition has created, we will find many secondary events and “randoms” to do so that the Saints, and their influence, grow. We will have to fight against three other rival gangs for control of the city, and obviously, we will have to go district by district (there will be 9 in total) to be able to conquer the entire city, and get rid of the rival gangs.

As confirmed by the creative director of the project, the game will be playable cooperatively from start to finish, without the need to do anything alone if we don’t want to. What this will do is create many funny situations, since in addition, there will be missions designed for the cooperative (such as one called “Mayhem”) that focuses expressly on causing chaos in the city.

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Saints Row maintains the classic essence that many users fell in love with in their day

To close this text, it only remains to say that what little we have seen of the city is one of the most varied we have seen. Each district has its own theme, and the colorful tone that it has in its artistic section is luxurious. Undoubtedly, Volition had to take on a very big responsibility, but from what has been seen, they have done a great job updating the formula of the previous Saints Row, but keeping many things.

Saints Row will be released on August 23, 2022, for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC consoles.. Let’s hope that the title of Volition achieves a deserved success, since without a doubt, the study has managed a situation that many would have been very, very big.

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