Sailor Moon S is now available on Netflix!

Sailor Moon S is now available on Netflix!

As expected, the anime of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S is now available on Netflix. That’s right, right now you can enter the streaming platform and enjoy one of the most beloved anime classics.

Although on Netflix it is implied that Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S It has two seasons, originally, the 38 chapters that make up this part were created as the third season of the original production by Toei Animation. This adaptation is focused on the story of Sailor Moon S, where Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturn enter the scene, as well as a new group of enemies known as the Death Busters.

This will not be all we see of Sailor Moon on Netflix. The next month of July will also arrive Sailor Moon Crystala more faithful adaptation to the original work of Naoko Takeuchi, author of this manga, which eliminates much of the filler that Toei Animation included during the 80s and 90s.

Remember, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S, The third season of the original anime is now available on Netflixand in July it will arrive Sailor Moon Crystal. In related topics, you can learn more about this anime here.


Editor’s Note:

Outside of Crunchyroll, Netflix is ​​one of the best platforms to watch anime on. Although the selection of new productions is limited, the classic content is something that is very worthwhile. From Narutopassing by death note Y Evangelionuntil Jojo’s Bizarre Adventurethere is much to see.

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