Sablazo de France to new cars with two postín taxes

Sablazo de France to new cars with two postín taxes

Launched in 2022, France starts the new year with a real blow in taxes to owners of new cars. The Gauls will have to seriously think about what model they want, or need, because the new tax really attacks the pockets to curb CO2 emissions. A tax that will not be the only one, because the peso will also arrive this year.

The European Union has proposed to end combustion cars, although not immediately, but in little more than a decade. By 2035, all manufacturers should have become electric car brands, having no place or plug-in hybrids. But that is the strategy of Brussels, which leaves the door open for each member country to impose its own rules. Y France is one of those who want to be noticed.

Since last January 1, buyers of new cars They should think very seriously about the model they really want, because taxes are high, especially for those who cannot afford the high-end, luxury, the wildest sports cars or hypercars, in which money is not the greatest of the problems. From 0.00 hours on the first day of this month, the French Government activated the new tax on CO2 emissions of all models that exceed 128 g/km, whether gasoline or diesel, for which the ministerial inhabitants of the Elysée Palace oblige to acquire a hybrid, plug-in or electric model.

The Audi Q5 55 TFSI e is a plug-in hybrid SUV that escapes the new weight tax in France

New cars in France will be taxed with two taxes

The new tax means that the more CO2 emissions a specific model homologates, the more you will have to spend, starting from 50 Euros up to a limit maximum of 40,000 Euros for models whose figure is equal to -or greater than- 224 g/km. However, the French government also understands that it could be an abuse to fill the presidential coffers, which is why it has established a limit, so that this amount may not exceed 50% of the total price of the vehicle, including VAT. A mandatory procedure, and with prior payment, before registering, whose fees you can see detailed below:

Emission values ​​and corresponding rates of the new CO2 emission tax in France for new cars

Be careful, that is not the only tax rate that the French will face, because also during this year 2022, around next spring, a second tax with which the peso will be taxed of all new models, whose weight exceeds a minimum of 1,800 kilograms, so that for each additional kilogram, the new owner is obliged to pay 10 Euros.

This new tax, together with the previous one, which is the most restrictive in the entire Old Continent, directly affects practically the models from segment D onwards and, of course, large sports cars and SUVs, exempting the smallest models up to the compact ones. But beware, because vehicles will also be exempt electric and plug-in hybrids that have a range equal to or greater than 50 kilometers, so there will still be options that can at least escape this tax.