Rumors assure that the Galaxy S23 Ultra could have a 200 Mega pixel camera

Rumors assure that the Galaxy S23 Ultra could have a 200 Mega pixel camera

New rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra ensure that it will have a 200 MPX camera. We tell you everything that is rumored about the device Here!

Samsung wants to continue betting on innovating with its equipment. In addition to the imminent arrival of the new fold Y ZFlipis he Galaxy S23 with its version Ultra ya d talk. And it seems that some pretty interesting features were recently revealed. Several rumors assure that the smartphone will be the first of Samsung to have a camera 200 MPX and with ISOCELL HP2, a 0.60µm pixel sensor.

But this is not the only thing that was leaked, as there are rumors that the S23Ultra will keep the battery 5000mAh what we saw in the S22Ultra. As for the rumors about the processor, it is said that the smartphone will have a Snapdragon 8 from Gen 2which is an improvement over the current Gen 1 8+. Samsung can maintain processors Snapdragon until Exynos can reorganize and manage to develop chips that can compete with the others.

Galaxy S23

As for the load, it will probably keep the load at 45W and still no charger in the box. As for the camera, one of the media that filters the most cell phone features, catspeculates that the camera 200MP will not have 1/1.22” 0.64 µm HP1 neither him 1/1.4” 0.56µm HP3, but an HP2 that hasn’t been released yet. The latter was confirmed by another source, who revealed that the sensor will be a ISOCELL HP2 with 0.60 µm pixels. With this, the optical format would be in the range of 1/1.33 inchthe same as the S22Ultra.

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It is speculated that the new S23 will be announced early next year, and go on sale in the same window as the S22 in 2022.