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Ronaldo’s car that Celina Locks fell in love with and is worth more than 8 million euros

Ronaldo’s car that Celina Locks fell in love with and is worth more than 8 million euros

Celina Locks and Ronaldo Nazario are one of the couples of the moment and they don’t stop showing their movie life while they drive around in several luxury cars. She knows the car with which the former soccer player fell in love with the beautiful model.

The life of a soccer player has movie tints. For this reason, Ronaldo Nazario and the beautiful model Celina Locks appear on social networks as if they came from Hollywood. The one born in Curitiba, who since 2015 has been a partner of the Phenomenon, she usually uploads racy photos in her beautiful Volkswagen Kombi, although it was another “humble” car that took her into the arms of the Phenomenon.

Always with a smile and a nose that only those touched by the magic wand have, Ronaldo Nazario is considered one of the best players of all time. Scorer and dribbler like few others, el Gordo, as they call him in his country, sits at the table of the greats with Pelé, Maradona and Messi, but he is also a different one to enjoy his money. And he has a weakness with his girlfriend Celina Locks: luxury cars. Although of course, his beauty dazzles even the simplest.

Thanks to a successful career, Ronaldo, who reached his peak in a Real Madrid shirt, also made a lot of money. That is why, the Brazilian born and car fanatic, he is not only the most recognized center forward of all time but also has several beasts in his garage. Among them, one that completely captivated the beautiful Brazilian model that accompanies him 7 years ago.

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As Tork found out, Ronaldo has a Bugatti Chiron in his garage, which, in addition to being a ship from another galaxy with a powerful 8-litre W16 engine in a central position, costs 2.5 million euros. In addition, there is also a Rolls Royce Cullinan there, which is not far behind costing 350 thousand dollars; an Audi RS7 of 200 thousand euros and even a Ferrari with some exclusive details! Likewise, his girlfriend made the first trip with the footballer in another car.

What car are we talking about? An ostentatious Bugatti Centodieci, which costs 8.5 million euros and is considered one of the most luxurious cars on the planet. With a unique interior and incredible power, Ronaldo chose this ship to pick up the beautiful model for the first time, who today is the mother of one of his children.

This is Ronaldo Nazario’s Bugatti Centodieci.
This is what Ronaldo Nazario’s Bugatti Centodieci looks like inside.