Ron Gilbert announced that he will no longer talk about Monkey Island due to the amount of negative comments

Ron Gilbert announced that he will no longer talk about Monkey Island due to the amount of negative comments

Ron Gilbert, creator of Monkey Island, decided not to refer to the video game until further notice, since he received harsh criticism and attacks on his person.

Let’s loosen up with Ron Gilbert! The creator and mind behind the classic Monkey Island He was upset and discouraged by a string of negative comments and even personal attacks for what was seen so far in Return to Monkey Island.

With the recent introduction of your gameplay trailer official, Return to Monkey Island caused different opinions in users. Some, on the one hand, were happy to see the progress of the delivery but others, in contrast, unleashed a wave of hate against Gilbert and his video game, something that fed up the creative.

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Through its Blog staff (currently closed), Ron Gilbert He gave his opinion in the face of the attacks: “I am closing the comments. People are just being mean and I have to delete personal attack comments. This is an amazing game and everyone on the team is proud of it.

In addition, his statement ends with the following words: “Play it or don’t play it, but don’t ruin it for everyone else. I will not post anything else about the game. The joy of sharing has been taken from me.” sentenced.

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To support Gilbert, the actor who gives voice to Guybrush Threepwood, Dominic Armato He replied through his account Twitter the I post of Ron and, in an attempt to calm the waters between fans and the development team, Armato said: “It’s always been my modus operandi to talk openly about things.”

The main reason for “anger” in the comments of the Blog of Ron Gilbert they were because of the graphic style that the game presents. However, this type of graphics that look like another generation coincides with the essence of Monkey Islandsince it is a delivery that emerged in the 90s.

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For now, Return to Monkey Island revealed that it will reach both switch What Steamstore where you can now add delivery to your wish list. What do you think of what you have seen so far in the video game of Ron Gilbert? Is a change of style really necessary for the franchise?