Rocket League celebrates the seventh anniversary with the event called Birthday Ball

Rocket League celebrates the seventh anniversary with the event called Birthday Ball

In great news for the entire Rocket League gaming community, San Diego video game developer Psyonix is ​​celebrating Rocket League’s seventh anniversary (July 7) with a new in-game event called the Birthday Ball, the which will start this July 6.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that the Birthay Ball will include Challenges and Rewards (some of the rewards of the Challenges will be Credits, a novelty in Rocket League), two Limited Time Modes, objects with the theme of the anniversary and some Golden Eggs. . The content that appears in Birthday Ball is:

  • New event challenges – For the first time in Rocket League, players will be able to complete various event challenges to unlock up to 300 credits as a reward. Additional challenge rewards include the Golden Goat title, Precious Metal Avatar Frame, and Golden Eggs. Golden Eggs will unlock items from Champion Series 1-4.
  • Two limited time modes – 2v2 the Heatseeker will be available from July 6 to 13 and Knockout will be available from July 13 to 19.
  • Anniversary-themed items – The Fennec Car (Titanium White), Fantasy Decal (Fennec), Spyder: Anniversary Edition Wheels, and Top Hat: Anniversary Edition Top Hat will be circulating in the item shop throughout the event .


Week 1 – Participate in a chaotic 2v2 match in Heatseeker mode and face your opponents from July 6 to 13. This crowd-loved LTM gives the ball special abilities so it always heads for your opponent’s goal.

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week 2 – Knockout returns from July 13 to 19! Use the unique attack, block, and grapple mechanics to launch players out of the Quadron, Carbon, and Skull arenas. If you need to remember how to use them, here’s a quick refresher. Just remember: the last car standing wins.


This anniversary is not just about us; it’s about the players and the community that has helped Rocket League grow over the last seven years. This is for you! As a token of appreciation, players will receive a total of 300 credits for completing all Birthday Ball challenges!

In addition to credits, players will be able to earn the Golden Goat player banner and Precious Metal avatar frame when they complete challenges. In other challenges, players will be able to receive eternal rewards such as an imported reward item or 20,000 XP.


You’ll find some snazzy new anniversary items in the shop, so put on your celebration outfit with the Titanium White Fennec and the Fancy and Formal decal for the Fennec! In the spirit of Season 7, two new gold items will also be available.

Show off your wealth with Spyder: Anniversary Edition wheels or the Top Hat: Anniversary Edition trim. These glorious golden items will go perfectly with your new Rocket Pass rewards!