Robot learns to play video games based on visualization

Robot learns to play video games based on visualization

It sounds like a joke, but advances in artificial intelligence are becoming more common, as many companies spend their time conducting research to improve this technology. One of them bears the name of Open AI and he has managed that one of his projects can carry out a task that might seem impossible just by listening to him.

This company designed an algorithm that is related to the videos, which allows artificial intelligence to learn various things through its view focused on a specific point. And to test these capabilities, the researchers used the video game Minecraftsomething that was extremely favorable to the creators.

To get the robot to play the title, it had to watch videos for about 70,000 hours in total, but in return it was shown that the artificial being can perform the same tasks as a human. Having the ability to use the mouse at will, digging for materials, he was even able to create a diamond pickaxe without much trouble.

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It is worth mentioning that much of the content that the AI ​​watches has been discarded, since it is imitating the humans that play within the different videos that have been put to it. At no time do they teach him how to do things, they simply do them, consequently he is only predicting the behavior of the beings who are in control.

Open AI He comments that they still have a lot to explore, but for now it is an outstanding advance for their investigations. So it would be interesting to see the robot work in other titles of different genres. It will be a matter of time before they continue releasing advances through their personal blog page.

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Via: OpenAI