One of the great phenomena of the video game industry is Roblox and it works as a great gateway to this world. Beyond that, it is also a fantastic space for many creators. Its strong expansion and concern for toxic environments has led its creators to introduce a age verification system.

Roblox has ensured that its community is expanding and almost 50% of users are over 13 years old, something that developers take into account: “[…] We want to make sure everyone can express themselves in a way safe and respectful. Having confidence in the age and identity of a user is a fundamental basis for the safety and civility of the metaverse, […] always respecting the privacy of users “.

The game has released a optional system from age verification, which will gradually reach all users. Although it will not be necessary for everything, yes it will be mandatory for example for “Spatial Voice”, a new option that will allow you to talk to other users. The system will be available in “early access to all users who verify that they are at least 13 years old.”

This system will not only be used for the players and their safety, but also will apply to creators: “In addition to providing age-appropriate experiences, developers can rely on identity verification as a sign of trust when looking for contributors on the Roblox platform. A verified status lets the community know that a developer or creator is who they say be”.

Identity document and photo so Roblox knows it’s you

And we already enter the complicated terrain of the Privacy. This age verification system is interesting and will also help minors not access depending on what things, but one of the very big problems is the Data Protection of the user. Of course, Roblox Corporation knows this is a complex issue and has been transparent – it will take care.

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The Roblox application will ask us to scan a identification document (ID, driver’s license, passport …) and then he will require us to do a selfie in order to verify that we are the same person. The app will use “advanced image processing technology to validate the legitimacy of the document”, so everything will be by AI.

This is already a good step to avoid problems, but the fundamental thing is that “Roblox does not store raw identification documents or selfie data. When an ID is scanned […], an anonymous value is generated, allowing Roblox to securely verify identity without risking exposure of the user’s real identity. “We’ll see if the use of this verification is expanded in the future.