Robin, Black Canary, Strange and new Batman suit arrive

Robin, Black Canary, Strange and new Batman suit arrive

Images from the Batgirl set show the presence of Robin, Black Canary and Hugo Strange, as well as a new suit for Michael Keaton’s Batman.

The production of Batgirl is already underway, and although it has been confirmed that Michael Keaton will be the Dark Knight of this reality, there are still many details to know about this new DC proposal. Among the things that are now known and will have to be clarified are the details that some recent images from the Batgirl film set have shown: the presence of Robin, Black Canary, Hugo Strange and Keaton’s new suit for Batman.

New Batman costume and Robin presence

The most important image of those released corresponds to a mural where we see the presence of Michael Keaton’s Batman wearing a renewed suit, preserving the characteristic shield of Tim Burton’s cinema but with some parts of the cape and hood modernized.

In addition, we have the presence of a Robin, which confirms that at least as a character or legend, the Young Wonder exists in the reality in which Batgirl will develop.

Batman and Robin mural. Getty Images

As the Twitter user pointed out @Nightwingology, the mural could pick up Kaare Andrews’ Robin art from a variant cover of Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular.

Another important piece of information is that it may be Dick Grayson, the original Robin, and not Drake Winston, a character introduced in the Batman 89 comic, who follows the story of Burton’s Batman in sequential art.

Drake Winston, the Robin from Batman 89. DC Comics

Will Hugo Strange be present in Batgirl?

Another of the details seen in the set design of the film Batgirl in a mysterious character with his eyes covered, whom network users have immediately identified as Hugo Strange. Will be?

Possible presence of Hugo Strange. Getty Images

Hugo Strange is one of the first Batman villains, having debuted in Detective Comics # 36 of 1940, a few months before Joker and Catwoman. On television he was played by BD Wong in the series Gotham.

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Will we see the return of Black Canary?

Finally, a couple more photos reveal the presence of Black Canary. Although we do not know if it is the same one that Jurnee Smollett gave life to in Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), there are some details that could indicate her return.

The first is the graffiti poster that apparently announced a live performance of Black Canary, who in the aforementioned film, before justice, was a Black Mask nightclub singer.

Graffiti Black Canary poster. Getty Images
Detail of the poster. Getty Images

Then we have a poster where we read the legend Black Canary and we see the character with short hair and what looks like a mask.

Second poster for Black Canary. Getty Images
Detail of the second poster. Getty Images

We don’t know if it’s just references that will appear in the Batgirl movie, but the mere references to Hugo Strange, Black Canary, Robin, and Keaton’s new Batman suit keep us looking forward to this new DC movie.

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