The protagonist of The Batman, Robert Pattinson, has once again been the center of criticism from fans after being quiet for several months

It seems that Robert Pattinson, the protagonist of the highly anticipated The batman from Matt reeves, he cannot remain oblivious to the controversy, even when he does nothing to be criticized. However, this time the criticism has not come from the fandom of Dc comics. This time it had to do with Harry Potter. And, more specifically, with the special meeting of the 20th anniversary of the film saga… In which the actor has not participated!

Creating a movie or documentary like the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter is not exactly easy. Bringing back so many actors and actresses, after so many years, is a feat worthy of admiration. And that’s why so many potterheads have been rewarded with an audiovisual piece that has raised goose bumps and aroused admiration across the planet since its launch in HBO Max.

However, the absence of Robert Pattinson at this meeting has not left people indifferent. Fans have accused the protagonist of The batman for not having appeared on the special anniversary, directly or ironically criticizing the interpreter for it. Pattinson played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireBut it doesn’t seem to be important enough to him in that sense.

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Why weren’t you present for the Harry Potter special?

No one knows for sure why Robert Pattinson did not participate in this Return to hogwarts, but everything points to the reshoots from The batman They made it impossible for the actor to combine both productions at the same time and had to give priority to the Matt Reeves film. However, some fans have wondered if the actor may not remember that he participated in Harry Potter.