Robert Pattinson Explains How The Ending Is Different And “It’s Much More Painful” Than Other Dark Knight Stories

Robert Pattinson Explains How The Ending Is Different And “It’s Much More Painful” Than Other Dark Knight Stories

‘The Batman’ is one of the movies of the year. It has already done so well at the box office that it is the third highest-grossing Hollywood feature film since the start of the pandemic, and now it has gotten a second life thanks to its recent premiere on HBO Max. That has caused a lot of talk about her again, being the outcome of her one of the most commented aspects.

reversing the roles

Beware of ‘The Batman’ spoilers from here.

Own Robert Pattinson has reflected on the end of the film directed by Matt Reeves in the book ‘The Art of The Batman’where he has highlighted how he turns one of the most common resources of the Dark Knight’s adventures:

At the beginning of the story, he doesn’t believe that the city is capable of healing itself, and it’s just in a downward spiral and he’s just fighting a hopeless battle, which will end in defeat. I’ve always liked the idea of ​​allowing yourself to have a little hope at the end. It is probably the most painful thing you have to do. It’s so much more painful than anything you’ve ever had to experience, because if you’ve closed yourself off from feeling anything, and all you want to do is go out and fight, if you allow yourself to think that there’s a chance for positive change, then you can come back. to get hurt. So you can feel the disappointment and failure of that as well, which I think he’s trying to hide as well.

One of the first thoughts I had about it was… I think a lot of the endings to Batman stories is that they end with Batman thinking that he’s given hope to the city, and he thinks that the symbol of Batman and what he’s done throughout history it will hopefully inspire the city to have a more hopeful outlook, and create a brighter future. In this, I always imagined that he is so committed to darkness and nihilism that it is actually the city that opens up to a little bit of hope.

The protagonist of ‘Good Time’ is not without reason, since we have already seen on many occasions how Batman ends up representing hope for Gotham, and from there the city improves. Here the roles are changed and it is the city that ends up transmitting that idea to the DC superhero, something that will undoubtedly be noted in the inevitable sequel.

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In the end, the message conveyed by ‘The Batman’ is that Gotham is a city worth fighting for, and that Bruce Wayne has been told countless times before that this is not the case. Hence also rejecting Catwoman’s offer to go with her.