Robert Pattinson is again attacked by The Batman, although this time he is directly related to Ben Affleck after his final goodbye

After the criticism he received the other day for Return to hogwarts, Robert Pattinson has again been attacked on social networks. This time, in relation to The batman and associated with the final goodbye of Ben affleck. The Bat Man de Affleck will be saying goodbye soon in the movie The Flash and, after six years like Bruce wayne, the movies of Dc comics they will finally part with the actor.

The witness passes into the hands of a Pattinson who has the majority expectant. The trailers of the film directed by Matt reeves point to an unprecedented movie, a film that could bring us the definitive version of the Dark Knight. However, not everyone is satisfied with the protagonist of the saga. Twilight. There are some who directly blame him for what happened with Affleck.

There is no official confirmation that these claims are true.

As you can see, this user claims that it was Robert Pattinson who demanded through his agents the departure of Ben Affleck from the next December The batman. I didn’t want the previous Bat Man to «erode your portrayal of the characterWhatever that is. It goes to say, effectively, that Pattinson did not want competition, he wanted to avoid comparisons.

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This obviously has no real foundation. There is no official information to make us believe that Pattinson’s lawsuits suggested by this named user Box Office Mexico are trustworthy. However, it shows once again how the protagonist of Matt Reeves’ film continues to arouse debate among some viewers, who do not quite trust the British actor.