Whether we buy a kid or a lamb -they usually sell them by half or whole- we can make a barbarian exploitation. On the one hand, we can use the shoulders and legs to make today’s recipe. Secondly, the chops We can make them on the grill with yogurt and mint sauce. Finally, the skirt area and the rest, We can use it to make stews or potato and mushroom stews like this one.

We started smearing the two pieces, shoulder and leg with a little lard, after seasoning them lightly with salt. In a baking tray we place the potatoes cut into thick slices and the onion cut in julienne. We stir and mix them well and use them as a bed on which our pieces of meat will rest.

Add a splash of Sherry vinegar and some thyme leaves. Finally, a glass of water and in the oven that we will have preheated to 200ºC. Once the kid is inside, we lower the temperature to 170ºC and we let it roast for two hours, turning the pieces every 30 minutes.

If we see that our roast runs out of liquid, we add a glass of water or broth. If we see that there is a lot of liquid, we remove it so that never come into contact with meat. So the potatoes are very juicy and we will have enough sauce to serve with the roast. The meat, not being in contact with the liquid, will be well roasted and not cooked.