RIF, if you want to stay in this regime you must notify the SAT before January 31

RIF, if you want to stay in this regime you must notify the SAT before January 31

The regimes to which they can be changed, according to the provisions, would be that of general individuals and legal entities, or the new Simplified Trust Regime (Resico), which replaces the RIF as of 2022, for legal entities with income less than 35 million pesos per year, and for individuals with income less than 3.5 million pesos per year.

How do I give notice?

To present the Notice of update of economic activities and obligations, you must enter the SAT Portal (www.sat.gob.mx) in accordance with the following:

  1. During January 2022, the SAT portal will be enabled, within the RFC Procedures / RFC Update section, the option Submit the update notice of economic activities and obligations.
  2. The question will appear Do you choose to continue paying your taxes in the Tax Incorporation Regime?, select the option “Yes, I choose to continue in the Tax Incorporation Regime” to continue in said regime.
  3. At the end of the notice you will obtain the acknowledgment of movements to update the tax situation.

What if I stay in the RIF?

For people who choose to continue in the RIF, they must consider that they must be natural persons with incomes of less than two million pesos per year.

In addition, people who choose to continue in the RIF they can only continue to pay taxes until the years of taxation of this regime are over.

New taxpayers will not be able to register to the RIF.

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If they pay taxes under the RIF and file the notice to remain taxed under the aforementioned regime and later want to change to the Simplified Trust Regime in the same year, they may do so as long as they meet the requirements.

What if I switch to Resico?

If they choose the Resico and have pending RIF benefits, they will be able to apply the accreditations, deductions and request a refund of the balances in favor that they had pending at the latest in the annual declaration for fiscal year 2022; after this fiscal year they will not be able to carry out said accreditations.


I am RIF and I changed to the new regime and I have pending refunds, I have to request my refund no later than the annual declaration for fiscal year 2022 (which is filed in April 2023).

If they choose to be in the Resico and do not have an active e.firma (electronic signature), they have up to June 30, 2022 to process it.

For more information, taxpayers may enter the Simplified Trust Regime minisite.