Home Gaming Review – Sims 4 Werewolves: Unleash the furry you have inside

Review – Sims 4 Werewolves: Unleash the furry you have inside

Review – Sims 4 Werewolves: Unleash the furry you have inside

Sims 4 Werewolves is the new game content pack that brings werewolves, a lot of history and destroyed furniture. We tell you how it is, here!

Sims 4: Werewolves is the new gamepack of sims that comes to bring players something that was long awaited by the community: Wolfman. After the disaster that was the launch of “Yes, I do”, “Werewolves” it is a pack that works as a cold cloth to the relationship between the community and the developers.

A few weeks ago we gave you a preview what to expect in this package. Now, we are going to tell you a little more in depth what we were discovering from our walk through Moonwood Mill.

Full Throttle Custom Wolverines

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One of the most notable sections of this pack is the Create a Sim. In previous packs, what was most “criticized” about the new clothes that were incorporated into the game, was the amount of options that they gave women over men. In werewolves we are presented with a much more unisex CAS, where most hairstyles and clothes can be worn perfectly by both genders.

The grunge and the “Dark Academy” style they are what reigns in terms of the new clothing styles that we have to wear. And besides, the ragged and torn clothing of the werewolves comes in handy for those who enjoy community-created challenges like “Rags to Riches.” It also incorporates a ton of scars, perfect for telling any kind of story.

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The lycanthropic forms of our sims are fully customizable. We will be able to work them “together” to the human form or turn them into unique designs. There are not many restrictions to design our werewolves: change the fur with colors, use predefined patterns, stencils or draw on the wolf’s skin, as if it were a canvas. The system is the same as the Cats and Dogs expansion.

Review - Sims 4 Werewolves: Unleash the furry you have inside

The wolf form is a bit of an acquired taste. Maybe it’s too stylish furry for those who are not furros (those who like “furry”) and not enough for those who are. However, it is an interesting take on what Sims has been doing previously with this type of Hidden.

Brothers to work would have a lot of work…

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The furniture and objects in build mode have this “carefully worn” feel to them. They seem to be more like something you got in a dump than something you bought in a store. The style with floor tiles and broken walls are commonplace. And it makes sense, because your wolf sims will destroy everything they touch when they’re enraged.

It’s about a pack with a lot of detail, where if you pay attention to the descriptions of the objects you will be able to understand more about the world. Everything in “Werewolves” seems to be in the service of telling a story.

It’s the wolf in love with the moon 🎶

Review - Sims 4 Werewolves: Unleash the furry you have inside

Moonwood Mill it is a place full of magic and secrets, similar to an open world than most of the worlds that exist in Sims 4. It is a place that, despite only having five playable lots, has secrets hidden on several sides.

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From the moon-shaped lake that has magical properties… to the underground caves that you can explore again and again to discover more secrets. The places chosen for the different herds are very representative of them, and everything seems to be aligned to encourage the player to know and explore.

Claws, teeth and fangs

Review - Sims 4 Werewolves: Unleash the furry you have inside

In addition to a lot of material to build and create a Sims, “Werewolves” has a component that no other pack had for a long time: replayability You can become a werewolf in different ways, but no sim you transform will be the same as another.

Lycans have two things that define them: “Traits” and the skills. Each “trait” it is random and will be given to your lycanthrope when it levels up. These traits will define how your wolf stores fury: for example, a wolf with the restless animal trait will gather rage if it is bored or inside its house. Filling the rage bar will cause the werewolf to transform against his will, destroying everything in his path. The skills you unlock as you level up will make you feel more comfortable in your wolf skin: mark territory, sniff out collectibles, or find ways to defuse rage.

Review - Sims 4 Werewolves: Unleash the furry you have inside

The gameplay of Werewolves is built 100% around NPCs and community secrets. Your sims will need to read A LOT to really understand what’s going on in Moonwood Mill and what are the stories behind each character that is a member of the community.

The new aspiration “Initiation werewolf” It will allow you to take four different paths about the philosophy of life that include belonging to one or another pack, being a lone wolf or searching for the cure for lycanthropy. This makes the possibilities multiply, when in most Sims packs the gameplay becomes repetitive after a while.

Another notable feature is the depth that adds to other game packs. Warlocks seem to be allies of lycans and you will have special interactions with them, while vampires are born enemies and you will start any relationship with one as enemies. There is a lot of history behind these rivalries and friendships, which you will discover as you walk through the game. It is perhaps the first pack that interacts so well with others.

And now, of course, the phases of the moon will influence your moods, your powers and the emotions of your sims.


Review - Sims 4 Werewolves: Unleash the furry you have inside

werewolves It may be one of the best game packs The Sims 4 has released in the last couple of years. It adds a lot of content, story and gameplay to the base game. Chances are if you’re not a simmer that plays with hidden, is not for you. But in case you are, it makes it essential to have the packs of Sorcerers and Vampires –which, by the way, look pretty flat next to this one.

Another pack that goes very well with werewolves is the expansion Village Life, since the “lycanthropic lifestyle” is very compatible with the simple life of growing – or hunting – your own food. It also goes well with Ecological life. and con Trip to Batuu… hahaha no no, it was a lie. Nothing goes well with a trip to Batuu.

It is priced at $2099 + Tax and available for PC (Steam and origin), Xbox one and PlayStation 4.

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RELEASE DATE June 16, 2022
DEVELOPER Maxis, The Sims Studio