Encanto, which is the sixtieth (60) Disney film, is already in theaters. These are the first impressions left after its premiere.

Inspired in Colombia, Disney premiered his film number 60. It is about Charm, a family film, magic and emotions. The feature film focus on the family Madrigal, one in which all its members have a special gift and the house in which they live cares for itself. However, not everything was perfect in said exhibition. This is the vision of what the medium delivered.

You have to start with the good, because there was a lot. One of the highlights of the film is the organization and simplicity of the plot. The story is basic and you could enjoy it. However, because it was so simple it was very redundant and it even gives the impression that a lot of time is wasted at the beginning and it ends up being strange as well.

On the other hand, the dubbing issue is something to be fully approved as it had a totally Colombian team that puts a cultural and regional stamp on the running of the very special production.

Last but not least, the cultural point plays a fundamental role. Although the film has two ways of seeing itself: as a Colombian and as an external entity, there are points that not only make Colombia love but also feel what a citizen feels through the years.

The protagonist family is displaced by violence, a more than common reality in the Colombian countryside. At the same time, showing many of the problems faced by young people in the country today, as a result of insecurity and corruption, ended up making the characters beings that could easily enter our family and not only our memory.

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The game of references to local music, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and what is found daily in the nation, they made the experience of seeing the film a masterful letter of tribute to Colombia.

This and another comment, they could help you prepare to see the delivery with something in mind, as it is already in theaters. Do not stay without seing her.