Reveal the first image of Luthen in the Andor series |

Reveal the first image of Luthen in the Andor series |

Unfortunately, the series Obi Wan has ended a few days ago, and that means that there will be a new wait of about a month for a new program to be released starwars. And now the director of Andor, Tony Gilroy, He’s already talked a bit more about how the series is going to unfold, releasing a new look in the process.

The photo shows the protagonist, Cassian Andor (Diego Luna)this is accompanied with neither more nor less than with Luthen (Stellan Skårsgard) on the back of his motorcycle. It has been commented that the attitude of the star character will be somewhat different from what is seen in Rogue One, since the chapters will focus on five years behind what is already known.

Here you can see the image:


This is what he says Gilroy Regarding the production of the series:

The scale of the show is so big. The directors work in blocks of three episodes, so we did four blocks in Season 1 of three episodes each. We looked at each other and said, ‘Wow, that would be really cool if we went back, and used each block to represent a year.’ We will get closer a year with each block. From a narrative standpoint, it’s really exciting to be able to work on something that you do on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and then skip a year.

In news related to Andor. It is said that the series will not have as many seasons after the second one is released. Since at some point they have to reach the events seen in the film of rogue one. If you want to take a look at the complete note, we invite you to click on the Next link.

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Remember that the series premieres next August 31 on Disney Plus.

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