Returnal would be the next PlayStation exclusive on Steam

Returnal would be the next PlayStation exclusive on Steam

Everything seems to indicate that returnal It will be the next PlayStation 5 exclusive to come to PC, as a SteamDB listing suggests the Housemarque game is on the way. In the list is a product with the code name Oregon that has references to Returnal, such as the Tower of Sisyphus and Atropos.

Atropos is the name of the alien planet where Returnal takes place, while Tower of Sisyphus is the name of the infinite mode, so it is believed that Oregon is actually Returnal in its PC version, for Steam.

In the Oregon listing on SteamDB we can find mention of “Atropos” and “Tower of sisyphus”.

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In addition to the new Steam listing, a VGC source showed the site an alleged video showing Returnal running on PC, so if true, suggests Returnal would be the next PlayStation exclusive to receive a PC port. .

In January of this year we saw the release of God of War on Steam, and a short time later Sony said it was a success. Back then, releasing games on multiple platforms was said to be a major growth opportunity for Sony, as evidenced by God of War and other first party games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone.

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It’s also confirmed that the Uncharted Collection: Legacy of Thieves will also be coming to Steam this year, though it doesn’t have a release date yet. This collection includes the game Uncharted 4: A thief’s end and its DLC in a single package, which gives us the definitive version of this Naughty Dog game.

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At the moment, all that remains is to wait for an official confirmation from Sony, but everything indicates that Returnal will be the next PlayStation Studios game that will arrive on Steam on PC.