Restaurant promotes its service on Uber Eats, with the help of Didi Food

Restaurant promotes its service on Uber Eats, with the help of Didi Food

A user shows his experience where a restaurant promotes his presence in Uber Eats, to those who request the service of Didi Food.

The food delivery platforms They have now proven to be a good alternative for consumers to be able to taste the dishes of their favorite restaurants from the comfort of their home, as well as allowing them to explore a whole catalog of different brands to satisfy their hunger. This type of service has been around for a considerable time; however, the pandemic boosted their earnings considerably.

According to the study of Statista where it shows the revenue forecast for online food delivery orders In Latin America, Brazil was the country that requested the most services, managing to register the amount of 3,803 million dollars, in second it is Mexico with 2,164 million dollars, in third Argentina with 891 million and in fourth Chile with 249 million, among others.

Taking into account the considerable amount of orders that these platforms register, different businesses of all sizes have shown their interest in continuing to integrate themselves and position themselves within the catalog of restaurants on these platforms, as they may well be. Didi Food, Rappi, Uber Eats, Cornershop, etc., so they take every opportunity they have to promote their presence in these.

Positioning ourselves on one of these platforms that make the food delivery It can dramatically increase business and restaurant revenues (for a small commission), so any promotional opportunity can be vitally important in reaching new customers.

One user has shown his unusual experience with a restaurant, since when placing your order through Didi Food, box promotes his presence in Uber Eats.

East restaurant promote your service on Uber Eats, through their presence in Didi FoodAlthough it may be a somewhat unusual strategy, it is shown to be effective, since nowadays consumers choose to use different applications to request this type of services, so if this user chooses to use Uber Eats Now you know that you can request the services of this restaurant.

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Today there is an infinity of opportunities and channels to carry out our advertising and that it reaches our defined target (direct or indirect), so possibly the more alternatives we use, we could have better results.

Is strategy multichannel between two platforms shows that brands or businesses have a good chance of raising their brand image, improving the experience of their customers and promoting their products if they choose to be present in different spaces, enjoying different benefits such as better interactions, information according to different tastes and greater coverage.

An example of this can be found with Mercado Libre, who in addition to having the advertising of its platform within different web pages, also choose to carry out e-mail marketing strategies with passive aggressive messages, or also with the presence of their advertisements on some RTP trucks in Mexico City, among other channels.

Using the different channels at our disposal to carry out our advertising manages to capture the attention of different audiences, therefore, we can reach a greater number of potential customers.

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