Restaurant makes a new employee “chop flour” and exhibits hazing

Restaurant makes a new employee “chop flour” and exhibits hazing

A work team in a restaurant has chosen to show the networks the hazing they do to their new employeeas well as part of its organizational culture and work environment.

The restaurants are part of the continued economic growth around Mexicofeeding the income of intermediaries, suppliers, the agricultural industry, restaurants and employees, among other elements that are essential to be able to bring a plate of food to the respective diners within this type of business.

According to information from the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI) and the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (CANIRAC) in their study named “Knowing the Restaurant Industry“, during 2019 the gross domestic product of this sector managed to register an approximate of 185 billion Mexican pesos in income.

To be able to solve a restaurant effectively, it is necessary to have a work team (as in almost any business) that manages to carry out the different tasks to be able to work optimally, where the waiters, dishwashers, managers, cooks and other belonging play a role. key role in offering good customer service; Since these coexist for hours, managers must ensure a good culture among collaborators that allows them to have a good relationship with each other.

Users on social networks have located a particular video on social networks, where a restaurant would have shown the hazing they do to their new employeewhere the work team puts him to “chop flour” as part of his initiation ritual.

@luissaunier hazing in the kitchen #bartender #chef #Chef #hazing #bajacocktails ♬ original sound – low cocktails

Bliss hazing towards the new employee has caused even other users to have shown more types of hazing that are done in this type of business, businesses and different industries, such as “looking for powdered oil in the cellar”, “peeling potatoes with a spoon”, “counting leaves of laurel”, “buy a kilo of cement in the auto parts store next door”, “go get thinner powder”, “look for a coconut juicer”.

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Although hazing is a type of generally heavy joke, by people who have been working within the same place towards a new person, they also seek to give a warm (and comical) welcome to new members within a team of work, promoting a good interaction between collaborators that results in a good working environment (sometimes not so much).

Currently it is not enough to offer employees a fixed payroll, but rather candidates are increasingly looking for more companies that offer different benefits beyond economic onesas well as a good work environment, emotional stability, and other key elements within a developed organizational culture.

Taking into account that within the professional field an average of eight hours a day is shared within the same workspace with colleagues, Great Place To Work mentions that It is of vital importance to ensure the well-being and a good quality of the work environment, since these climates have a direct impact on the production and development of workers.thus affecting their emotions, motivation and commitment to the company.

There are various ways in which we can have a good work environment, where the area of ​​human resources and organizational communication play a fundamental role within a company. We saw an example of this some time ago when a Walmart let its employees organize their own “Miss Universe” style contest and even the brand was placed in the sights of new candidates seeking to join this branch, just because of the work environment, being a remarkable employer branding strategy to consider.

@elpopularjuan #missuniverse2021 ♬ original sound – Juan Carlos Espinoza

Fostering a good work environment provides a good opportunity to attract new staff and increase productivity within a company.

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