It often happens that, in our journey as clients, we receive response times that could be considered inadequate if they happen below our expectations (form) or become inefficient given the urgency we have for each solution to arrive (time).

Think about the difference of a clarification for an erroneous charge in the bank, which probably requires absolute patience on our part to collect the necessary information and reach a positive conclusion compared to the response time we need to receive before the theft of a credit card for its immediate cancellation and protection of our money. Same protagonists, different circumstances… same level of attention?

Although we have spoken in this space about perception, there are values ​​understood about an excellent service and the minimum that we should grant considering that our client has requirements to a certain extent predictable because here between you and me, when was the last time your client Did you ask for something that really surprised you?

Here I share some examples that those of us who collaborate in AgroMarketing have detected to increase our response capacity, avoiding eroding trust, hijacking patience or draining certainty.

Speeding up the response

The customer first of all: One of our farmers simply did not see the seed he bought germinate and needed to re-sow it. Our answer it was “as soon as the quality control team discovers the causes, we will inform them what comes next”. Bad answer. This learning led us to refocus the conversation and we opted that the seed would first receive so that it did not miss the opportunity to sow and simultaneously we reviewed the results and the economic proposal, in this way, we streamlined the process, refocusing it on satisfying the client’s need.

Without fear of success: In the United States, particularly in Iowa, I had the opportunity to visit the facilities of a huge distributor that had soybeans as the main grain to commercialize and one of the most efficient responses of the company to satisfy and speed up customer service time, was to grant on consignment machines that incorporated insecticidal protection to the seed, a process that was typically carried out in production plants.

This decision that represented several thousand dollars brought with it the benefit of responding very quickly to the demands of soy producers who could choose the type of insecticide they wanted to carry according to the circumstances of the season and broke an inventory management cycle of more complexity. Although it was a long-term action, it again put the consumer-oriented vision first.

Certainty: In the launch of promotions with a specific validity, the exception is the rule and even more so when we see dynamics that by wanting to favor some, harm others. Such is the case of the extension of promotions when the success of these is questionable or, there is a group of clients who wait until the last moment to invest in our products or services under the shadow of the custom that we ourselves have created: to do exception.

Over time, it can be seen that complying with the terms and conditions established from the beginning generates, in addition to certainty, the prestige of fully complying with what is offered in a timely manner, which increases the planning of those of us in the supply chain. in addition to a more open and transparent communication. In other words, don’t do good things that seem bad.

It is urgent to eliminate the Customer Service area: To the extent that we are convinced that customer service is a philosophy and not a functional area, we will increase our success and this is not a cliché. Just as we undertake campaigns abroad, the most important crusade that we must implement within organizations is to understand that #TodosSomosCustomerService.

It is necessary to live closely the requirements of the farmer (as is our case, but take it to your industry please) and achieve that in addition to Marketing and Sales, the areas of technology, legal, finance, human resources, etc., must have a Experiential experience of dealing with the client, it will also increase the engagement of those who are part of the organization and who, probably due to the lack of proximity to the first line of service, do not have an understanding of the real dynamics of the market.

Sowing reflection

I do not intend to show inflexibility to particular cases that as such must be taken care of, but it is essential to put into practice a recommendation that, in my case, I have in mind all the time: if the exception that we are about to make with a client, we can explain it to those who did not receive the benefit of it, then let us proceed.

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